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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by Gemma_xX, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Hey Ladies..
    Anybody else experiencing constant hunger? I never had this with my daughter, I had one day where I ate & ate then morning sickness started the next day.
    3 days after my :bfp: I started eating more than usual, like double some days! Every day I am hungry a lot, but some days I can eat & eat but still be hungry!
    Today I ate 2 toast followed an hour later by 2 bowls of weetabix. I then had 3 sausage and 2 scoops of mash with veg & gravy. A sandwich a bit later on. Just ate apple pie and custard but I'm so hungry, really fancy a savoury pie after the sweet one because of the darn pastry!
    Last night I went to bed hungry & woke feeling so crappy for it..

    Please tell me other preggy ladies are experiencing this...
  2. Jslyn9996

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    I experienced that while pregnant with my son.. Pretty much never stopped eating! This time around my appetite has kind of diminished.. Maybe You are having a boy and im having a girl this time around!
  3. LadySekhmetDJ

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    mine is on and off. I eat my breakfast, then about 2 hours later, I have another bowl of cereal. Then I have lunch. I can usually hold off nothing between lunch and dinner. If I do eat, it's usually fruit, a cup of tea, or something small, never a "meal". It's annoying because I really don't want to gain that much weight when I'm already a little overweight to begin with! Funny weight has been the same...perhaps .2 pounds more, but nothing dramatic.

    I'm constantly hungry. It feels like after I eat, it settles in, then my stomach feels empty again.
  4. Wannabe Mommy

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    Oct 2, 2010
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    I'm right there with you. It's become a running joke with my husband, I cannot eat enough food to fill my stomach. Had boiled egg on toast for brekkie at about 8.15am, by 9.40am my stomach was rumbling??? I'm actually waking up early at the minute because I'm hungry:wacko:

    Figure it's significantly better than being sick though so bring on the food:thumbup:

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