Coorie Pouch Slings. Adult / child toy size



Im selling my coorie sling. The size is small but Im a size 14 and 5ft. Its Rainbow fleece material and has been used but not that much. £15.00 including postage.

Im also selling the one I bought for my daughter to play with. Its the same as mine, only for a kiddies size. Its for about age 2-3 and will accomodate your childs small toys that they take everywhere. £7.00 including postage.

You can email me at [email protected]
I was also known as lauramum01.

I bought them from brightsparkslings.
i really recomend them i love mine :)

hypnorn i think this is the one that sparkles is selling
Thats the one, thanks Dionne. I wasnt sure how to up load the pics and all my pics just look like a big rectangle of rainbow fleece. I have no model to model it for me with a doll but Im going to try and get Jessica to sit still with hers on.
I would be interested in the children's one for Seren. I would also be interested in the other one but its too early for me to start shopping yet.
Beanie, its a lovely wee sling, her toy rabbits fit right in it. She liked it at first then lost interest. I bought it so she would be like me with Joe in my sling and her rabbits in hers. Im sure Seren would look just as cute.
Congrats on the pregnancy.
Thanks hun

Will PM you later if thats ok about payment. Feel sick at the moment so am going to try and eat something.
God damn Beanie! I'm going to get Ella one of these for Xmas for her bubba bear lol

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