Cranberry Supplements - solves UTI but affects CM!

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by glaciergirl, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Hi everyone
    I keep getting cystitis due to all the antibiotics I took after the D&C and also the stress I have been under. Started taking cranberry supplements on Saturday (2 tabs, 3x a day) to tackle it, a week before ovulation. Cleared up within hours!!:thumbup:

    The week leading up to ovulation normally I get tons of stretchy clear CM, and since Sunday it's all gone! I was puzzled, almost thinking "perhaps I'm not going to ovulate", but I am like clockwork and know around this time I should be seeing the signs. Nonetheless we started BD'ing on Saturday and trying every other day.

    Anyway - the side effect of Cranberry supplements is that they make your vaginal environment more acidic, reduce the amount of CM and therefore favour conception for a Girl! Obviously I had no idea - and luckily I bought some pre-seed last week so I am now using that (and my trusty Mooncup) when we BD. Obviously I don't care about gender, just want a baby!

    Just want people to know in case they are planning to use it to tackle UTI's - its very effective but you should be aware of the side effects!!:flower:

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