Decisions, decisions...should I try for a BFP this month???

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by jerseyshoregirl, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Decisions, decisions.

    I had a c-section on June 3rd with my DD, so this Thursday will be three months since I had the operation which I feel I have healed very well from.

    I have received several different opinions from doctor's as to when I can safely TTC again. One doctor gave me the green light to try now. The other two are more "textbook" and said I should wait 9 months. I read all kinds of conflicting information on the web.

    Anyone know of anyone that got pregnant not long after having a c-section (baby was breech))?

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    Dec 13, 2008
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    Not sure honey and didn't want to R&R. I had a CSection many years ago and personally would wait longer than 3 months as there's a whole load of healing going on down there.

  3. Charliemarina

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    Hunny i have had 2 sections after both i was advised to wait 12 months before i fell preg again i asked why and its 2 things mainly 1: you may feel healed and outside wound may well be but our stitche's inside take around 6-9 months to heal and disintagrate so if preg before this has healed can cause your inside scar to tear as baby grows which then will mean baby has to be delivered regardless of gestation 2: it can cause early and late MC if not healed prop. After my last section i feel preg after 10 months and sadly lost bean at 7 weeks i don't know if it was not waiting long enough but id hate for you to rush in and do more harm to you and baby than good. Good luck and hun i would wait just a few more months i am now 22 months from last section so dont feel worried if it happens now hope this helped hun x x x
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    I have been told that if you plan on having more kids, you should leave 2 years between each pregnancy to ensure you are completely healed as this will help you heal after baby#2, but that you should leave 12 months at least to make sure your scar tissue holds up. If you go in too quickly, as well as all the issues above, you run a risk of not healing very well and being bedridden for months!

    Sorry, guess that's not what you want to hear.

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