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Do you use names of your favorite TV series characters for your baby?


Jan 30, 2014
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I've been considering using names of my favorite TV series characters for my baby. It's fascinating how these characters can have such an impact on us. However, I understand the responsibility of choosing a name that will shape their identity. What are your thoughts on this idea?
For me, the name's origin is irrelevant. It's the meaning. Like you said, it can really shape a child's identity. I know my mom put a lot of thought into what my name meant and her hopes for me, so I'm proud of my name. For me, if I'm going to use a name from a show then I want it to be because I like that character. If my DD survived, she would have been Aria. I know that the Ezra/Aria relationship in PLL is so problematic, but Aria is brave, vulnerable, loyal, and loving. I also love the way it sounds, the literal name origin (I come from a family of singers), and that it starts with A since DS has an A name as well. DS was almost Tobias. I loved Tobias in general from Divergent, but especially his whole speech about how he admires each faction for their standout quality and how he wished to be brave, selfless, smart, honest, and kind. His middle name is after my dad who was brave, selfless, smart, honest, and kind. :) As long as it's meaningful to you, it'll be meaningful to them. But yeah I wouldn't use a name of a character in show if didn't like their character development just like I vetoed a lot of names that, for lack of better wording, teaching ruined for me hahaha.
I completely agree with you. The meaning behind a name is what truly matters to me as well. It's not just about the origin or the sound of the name, but also the significance and the values it represents. I can understand why you're proud of your name and the thought your mom put into choosing it. It's beautiful that she had hopes and aspirations for you when she selected your name.
Several months after we'd chosen our first daughter's name we picked up watching one of our shows again after an extended little while and realized that we'd accidentally chosen one of the main gal's name for her middle name. She was a great character(probably our favorite in the show, honestly), so we weren't upset, just amused that we'd forgotten it was in there.

And like you gals are saying, we chose it for the meaning and the sound, not a tribute to the somewhat-obscure character.

(Name/character was Felicity from "Arrow", a show we liked for a while, but eventually dropped without finishing. The makers tanked our favorite relationship, and we were too sick of some of the constantly rehashed plot lines. Still a fun show for the first couple seasons, if you're into the nerdy superhero stuff. ;))

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