Feeling down - sorry rant :(

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by thedog, Dec 12, 2009.

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    So im 11 dpo today and since 9dpo ive gotten what i thought were positives on internet cheapies, only im reading about evap lines and im worried that is what they are, because the line didnt show till wayy after 5 minutes.

    I thought i might of been pregnant too, anyways ive run out of tests now so i cant keep testing (ive used 11 in the past 4 days (hehehe) what a nutter i am!:haha:

    Anyway sorry for the quick moan i really needed to get that off my chest, OH is getting abit fed up of my obsession :dohh:

  2. baybeehopes

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    Nov 23, 2009
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    hi, i knw its too exciting... an the 2ww feels like 4eva, but really u r best of waitin the 14days b4 testing, as when u pg u only start realeasing hormaon about 8dpo so would b too weak to show esp on cheapies...i think 1st responce is 1 of the better ones to use if u testing early, an even that could say neg even when u r if u test too early. Sooo if ya cant wait to test, id go 4 1st response...an only test with ur 1st morn pee...after 14dpo u can test with any pee...x good luck...x
  3. thedog

    thedog Guest

    Thanks :)
    I think in future im gonna try really hard to not test before AF shows up because its just too dissapointing.xx

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