first PG, M/C did prolactin level play a role or meds was it my fault how do i deal

Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by butterfly4100, May 31, 2011.

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    I have always been on BC ever since AF first visited me when i was 12. They were always extremely heavy and long. Then in 2008, 2009 i noticed that they started getting shorter and lighter until they disappeared and now AF has not visited me since the end of 2009 beginning of 2010. During that time I told the Dr,s what was going on and found ouat my prolactin level s over 220. They did all the normal test more blood test an MRI a CT and everything came back normal no tumors or anything just a sky high prolactin level which they say is do to my meds. Especially because it has fluctuated. The funny thing is that i'm on BC because of my prolactin level because my body doesn't make enough estrogen and, because of that my organs shrank. The weird thing is that with out AF visiting and with being on BC on mmay 2 i found out though a home PT That i was PG but the dr's blood said i wasn't. And when i asked y mine said yes and theirs said no i was told I DON’T KNOW BUT BLOOD DOESN'T LIE. What I found out is that mine was either more sensitive or my baby had already started to die and since I tested in the morning and they did in the afternoon there might not have been enough HCG in my blood to get a positive result. Anyways i tested again on the 9th. And it came up negative and that day i M/C baby that was the first time i was ever PG my OB/GYN said that it was an early m/c but i can't help but feel like its my fault. I was in 2 car accidents in 2004 and am now disabled and take alot of meds and maybe if i didn't take so many i wouldn't have all the problems i do. Did anything similar happen 2 anyone else? I'd love 2 hear some one elses story. Sometimes i feel so alone because nobody in my family has had 2 deal with half of what i've gone through and my DH is supportive but he doesn't quite understand everything.i hate when the grandparents and inlaws ask when ur going to start a family. What do u say the baby that we lost wasn't planed but that doesn't mean i didn't want it and now his mom thinks were trying. He has 2 and a half years of college left nows not the time no matter how much i want one and since the m/c it's harder 2 look at PG woman babies. And anything else to do with babies. Well i guess i talked long enough sorry if anyone can help in anyway shape or form i would appreciate it THANK YOU!!!!! P.S. most of the family doesn't know about the m/c i didn't want to tell them neither did DH.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss. It must intensify matters to feel like it's harder for you to get pregnant because of your health issues.

    Sometimes I feel like these early detection tests are more of a curse than a blessing. Makes us painfully aware of losses that we'd otherwise miss altogether.

    I haven't been in your shoes exactly, though I have had a miscarriage, and I found it helped me a great deal to be more open about it with friends and family. Then people can be sensitive to your needs and not just blurt out stupid questions.

    Good luck. I hope that you get pregnant again when you feel ready, and that it goes much better next time. <3

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