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    The 10 Group are looking for mum's with children between the ages of 4 and 10 to take part in some filming for the Future Friendly campaign.


    Future Friendly is an initiative aimed at showcasing how small changes in a family's lifestyle can help reduce waste and promote reusability in the home.

    We're looking for mums within the London area (or close to it) to talk about whatever little things they and their families do - from recycling packaging to growing their own vegetables. This could include ways you save energy, how you reuse old clothing or buying you're food from local producers - whatever it is you do to help your family be more future friendly!

    We're aiming to film with each family for 1-2 hours between Friday 3rd June and Wednesday 8th.

    If you're interested please contact: [email protected]


    Lucy Southern

    Production Manager
    The 10 Group

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