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Jan 16, 2008
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My LO is 2wks old and I was told to feed her every 3-4 hours, which i did and have been since she was born. What nobody had told me was not to continue this pattern throughout the night.

I was waking my LO for each feed whatever the time and now I find out that Im not supposed to wake a newborn for her feed at night and only do that daytime.

Do you let your newborn sleep until they tell you theyr hungry at night time?

I will be trying this out tonight, it has been utterly exhausting for us both trying to calm her down every night.
We let Hannah wake us up at night to eat...although my pediatrician didn't want her to go more than 4 hours without a feeding there were a few nights she'd go as long as 5 hours.
Jayden can go up to 8 hours without a feed and he is fine, a little hungry but he is jolly after a good nights sleep (an so is mummy :D) x
I was getting worried that my LO will go starving, but as ive been told, they will soon let you know when they want feeding.

Thanks for your replies- hopefully we havent disturbed her routine too much and that she will sleep thro the night.
I don't wake her up for a feed,she usually just sleeps from 10 p.m. to 3a.m.,then wakes up for a feed and goes back to sleep in an hour or so...
I let Thomas wake me up as and when he's hungry.. never let him go past 4 hours though as he's still young :)
Bren always woke me up when he was hungry. He also never went 3 hours between feeds as I feed on demand.
Colton sleeps around 9 hours at night, and sometimes he isnt even hungry when he wakes!! He will go 30-45 min after waking before wanting a bottle. So, we just have early morning cuddle time with some cartoons until he is hungry :cloud9:
Mine wakes when she is hungry. I used to wake a sleeping baby and then I learned my lesson too... I had one nurse that told me I should be waking her. I gave her directions to take a long walk on a short pier :) LO has been a happier baby since.
I've never woken my kids for feeding.. I've just done it when they've been ready and fed on demand. :shrug:
My Lo is bottle fed.

Lastnight we tried not to wake her up.......didnt quite work. It may be early days.

She woke up at 12midnight- gave her a bottle, changed nappy- she was wide awake and crying until 6am- in between the crying i tried to calm her, put her back down to the cot and leave the room method- that didnt work- she would not calm down.

She is 2 weeks old, have we disturbed her routine and is it too late to change this around- i wish I could wave a wand and she would sleep thro the night for more than 10minutes.

Its annoying for us cos we were told to wake her and now shes in a crap routine.
Hun, to be honest, she is way too young for a routine. My son is over 4 months old and he is just now getting into a bit of routine. As far as night goes there is no routine. He will sleep 3-5 hours one night and then the next we are up every hour. It takes time for their systems to mature and it is still very early days for you LO. Trust me at this moment I know how annoying lack of sleep is, but you just gotta grit your teeth and remember it will pass and eventually you will sleep again.

It is also way to early for her to get to sleep on her own. A baby is not capable of self soothing till after 4 months, so leaving her to cry won't work. Sucking is the only soothing action she is capable of right now. So be patient, rock her, cuddle her and once she is asleep, it takes about 20 minutes for her to go into a deep enough sleep to lay her down.
Was your baby very small at birth or lost a lot of weight? It sounds a bit sus to me but when my baby was about 4 wks old and still losing weight I was advised to wake him to feed him so as to not let him go over 4 hrs without a feed, I didn't do it but I've heard of people doing this for very very small or premature babies. As if it isn't tiring enough with a new baby!!!!
I was told to wake Ally up to feed him when he was newborn (think they said it was okay at 3 weeks for him to not feed as often). He was jaundiced and after a too big initial loss, he gained a bit but then lost again so that's why they didn't want us to let him go for too long. He used to go for 6-8 hrs.
Not at all a small baby- more the opposite- she was born 10lb 7oz and over the 2wks weigh in, she is now 10lb.

The Mwifes at the hospice tell all new mums to wake baby up to feed regardless of whether its a small baby or not
i was advised to wake my newborn for night feeds. Fed him every 2 or 3 hours for the first 3 weeks or so.
Hi hun, my MW recommended i wake her every 3-4 hours too which i did do through the day the first week but not through the night.. the longest she sleeps is 5 hours.

Now i rarely have to wake her.... she is currently feeding at the following times... 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 3am, 6/7am

Thanks for all your responses:)

My LO is still in the crappy routine that she stays awake from 2am until 7am- wide awake. We try to keep her awake in the day- as you all know this is quite impossible for a newborn. I hope this is a phase and that it will pass.

We gave her bath in the night time which did relax her a lot and a bottle and she slept for 4 hours which is an achievement, its just the 2am-7am stint we need to suss out.

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