graco mirage travel system..anyone have it or thinking of getting it.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by kimber89, Jun 4, 2011.

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    so i went to look at prams today to pick out my buggy so i can get it next week and know what im getting. the one i am getting is 400 euro at the moment but i came across the graco mirage travel system and i like the look of it and think it feels light enough and the price was 200 euro. big difference i know. the only thing i dont like about that buggy is that it has no carrycot so they have to be in the car seat until they are big enough for the pushchair and i have heard they are only supposed to be in the car seat for 2 hours and shouldnt be in it any longer.thats the only thing that has put me off it but i would be saving 200 euro if i got that one.anyone have this buggy and would you recommend it?
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    I have the graco metrosport which is the model before the mirage, almost identical.
    Obv I've never used it yet as bubba isn't here but I've played with it loads and pushed it round and I love it, it's a bit bulky but it looks sturdier an more stable than most of the designer ones (I always think they look flimsy)
    As for no carrycot it doesnt worry me too much as I just think if I am out for longer than a couple of hours I can get him out for a cuddle, I'm Planning a day trip with about 40 friends when he will be about 6 weeks old, he will be coming out about every two hours for feeding anyway and I'm going to put his Moses basket in the car so if it's too much for either of us we can go have a little sleep in the car.
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    we had the mirage travel system for our firstborn... he was always in the car seat and has never had any problems (although this advice wasnt given about the 2hr limit when he was born). the baby can also use the main pushchair from birth as it has a head hugger.

    it is exceptionally durable (it saw us thru our firstborn and then until our second born was about 4 months old), and really easy to manouervere. it also has one handed folding mechanism which is a godsend when ur hands rae full.

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