had a c**p few days...sigh...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by saraendepity, Apr 11, 2009.

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    Jun 9, 2008
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    so i've not been on for a few days...had a right crappy time :sad1:

    so tuesday night i got no sleep at all-just one of those nights and as oh was about to leave the house (around 7.00am weds morning) i got really upset cos i was so tired n stuff n ended up having a horrible asthma attack-wouldnt stop for ages so oh took me to a&e where i ended up for most of the morning on steroids..they eventually let me out with more steroids etc and told me to rest...

    thursday was good- had a midwife appointment and she let me off without taking bloods as they took them on weds and said she'd check them on computer

    yesterday was crappy! went to oh's mums for breakfast and ended up goin out shopping with them which killed me as i'm still feelin tired n crappy from wednesday but they still insisted on walking up n down all the hilly bits of town really fast which in itself is a pain in the backside as i've got spd and a possible prolapsed disk. oh stayed with me as a lagged behing n they kept on pullin faces when they had to wait for me while i pulled myself up hills! then we got a phone call from the midwife saying i'd have to have more bloods done at next appointment as they hadnt done my antibodies which i really didnt wanna do but such is life !! (i'm a real needlephobe!) got another phonecall from midwife a few minutes later sayin i had to go to hospital as soon as i had time as there was something wrong with my blood results form wednesday that needed re checking so off we went to hospital!

    got to the labour ward (why labour ward ???) and they put me in a tiny room n came n took bloods (i was soo brave!) thought that was it.....nurse came back n said i had to wait to be seen by doc and wait for the bloods to come back from lab as it could have been a blood clot that caused these levels to be off....
    had a listen to bubs and all was great sounded like a galloping horse this time!
    and then waited for bloods to come back..a doc came n seen me n had a feel of bubs and my legs for clots n said that i looked ok so would just send me home anyways....?? wtf? so she sent her registrar in to double check and he basically sat on the bed n told me off for being there asking who has advised me to go in as i was clearly fine in myself and nothing could be wrong as i didnt look ill ?? so they said not to bother waitin for the tests to come back n sent me home :hissy: so basically the blood tests were pointless and i'd spent hours in there for nothing (well got a listen to lo!)

    sorry for the rant i know nothing terrible has happened but i'm just feeling a little sorry for myself :hugs:


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    blah. Sounds like crappy days and a pretty disorganized hospital! Your OHs family seems like they were pretty insensitive! At least your OH stayed with you - did he say anything to them? Hopefully it turns around and you have a really good week to make up for the last bad one!
  3. Janisdkh

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    Wow how horrible I am so sorry :( People are just so inconsiderate...
    As for that doc umm you were told to go in. not like you complained for days about how sick you were. You were told to go in right because of the bloods etc? Ugh to them
  4. Farie

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    Mar 30, 2008
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    Aww honey

    So sorry you've had a crap few days :hugs:
    Hopefully the week will pick up and you'll feel better ASAP
    :grr: at the stoopid hospital :grr:

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