Has this happened to anyone else ? (TMI)

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by gemma19052009, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Sorry this may end up being quite long, just wondered whether this happened to anyone else as every one talks about losing mucus plugs etc .

    Thursday i lost a clear white veiny discharge. Friday it was tinted brown. Saturday 10am i started leaking it wasnt until i went the toilet it was pure red blood it covered. I went the doctors and was told i was 1cm dilated and that the baby would probably arrive on Sunday. but was referred to the hospital because of the blood. I went home got my file ready. and before i went the hospital i had a very dark stringy blood discharge comes out after i sit or lie down ( about a tea spoon or little more every time). Went the hospital to be told the same thing. i was hooked up to a heart rate and contraction machine my contractactions were registering up to 27% and i had quite a few over a 20 minute period. I have been told to wait for waters to break and or a lot more pain. On saturday i had had no pain at all. The pain started saturday evening and sunday. Its now monday still having bloody discharge and my belly goes hard and releases and i get menstrual type pains in my lower abdomin that come and go. the pains seem worst when i need the toilet. but thats probably pressure from the baby as well.

    Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.
    Thanks x
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    I haven't had this hun but if you're still bleeding bright red blood then I'd call the hospital again if I were you, just to be safe.

    Labour can start by feeling like period cramps, so you never know - it could be progressing slowly. Let us know how you get on and good luck xx

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