Has this happened to anyone else?

Discussion in 'Not Trying, Not Preventing' started by SamiP, Jan 26, 2011.

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    ok so heres the story,

    i had hip surgery the 29th of december. i was on a lot of medicine and kept forgetting to take my medicine every night. so i took it kind of off and on.

    on the 14th and 16th of january my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and used the withdrawal method cause thats what we always have done. so he didnt come inside me but then after the first time we cleaned up and did it again right after on both of those days. i know i just had surgery so your probably wondering how the heck, well i didnt move around much : )

    on the 17th i got very very light spotting like 2 drops when i wiped and they were pink, at first i thought i had maybe a UTI or something but it didnt hurt when i peed and i think i would know if i had one if it was already bleeding. then on the 19th i had this weird glob of discharge that was white but had a little brown in it and that was all the discharge i ever had.

    since my pills are all messed up im not quite sure when im supposed to start my period but if i calculate right it should had been this last week. but im still waiting because i was taking my pills so randomly which i know your not supposed to do. but i had been pretty out of it to remember to take the birth control.

    on the 22nd i took a pregnancy test at home during the day and it came out negetive, it may be to early to tell i dont know. has anyone experienced this? i feel like everyday is a year going by when i dont know. then i was also thinking maybe the discharge was the egg or had it in it. cause i know that the birth control thins your lining so maybe it broke off? or something i dont know : /

    i also took one today (24th) in the morning and it came out negative again.

    sorry if this was really gross to read : / thank you for reading.

    Im 20

    I have been off the pain medicine and everything since a week after surgery.

    And I know we should have used back up birth control and we have been ever since those two times without a condom.

    I had my period the week before my surgery, I had my surgery the 29th of December
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    I have experienced a very similar thing and turned I wasn't pregnant. I think sometimes we stress ourselves out so much we begin to think that we are experiencing all of these symptoms that are really just minor nothings.

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