Haven (SPOILER) and LTTC.

Discussion in 'Long Term Trying To Conceive' started by tamithomas, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Does anyone else watch Haven? This weeks episode has got to be the hardest episode of any show I've ever had to watch. I felt conflicted about the message it portrayed in relation to LTTC especially the twist of it being male factor. On one hand, I appreciated that it showed the true hardships of LTTC and how draining it is financially,physically and emotionally as in the episode the couple had failed numerous attempts of IVF.

    I think the hardest part and I couldn't help but automatically feel offended on behalf of the character that was the one dealing with the male factor infertility when the character that Edge plays says "It's your fault and you need to accept it". That sudden feeling of guilt that we've all had for the first time ever (that I've seen) had been portrayed on tv and it felt like time stopped.

    Maybe I've been around the LTTC scene for too long so I get touchy about it but I felt quite offended when the character that Edge plays says "They just decided to adopt" so nonchalant like as if it was their only option after ending the trouble really irked me in a bad way because it sent a "well, adoption is for infertiles/it's automatic that you should adopt". Maybe I'm reading into it too much? :shrug: What did y'all think? Both DH and I needed hugs from each other after that episode.

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    Hi, tamithomas, I don't know the film but I have been TTC for 6 years now and I know very well the feeling of not getting pregnant. I have just started testing and I have to admit that if I don't get pregnant by my 30 I will adopt. Unfortunately, in some point we have to except the fact you do what you can and that is it.
    According to the feeling of guilt. Don't feel guilty. In our case the problem is with me. My husband can have children. But even though I feel special. My husband always tells me that God gives challenges to those who can handle them. And I know that God loves me and gives me challenges because He believes in me. Love your hubby and your self and don't feel guilty. I wish you all the best. Xxxxx

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