Help, anyone else had this with AF (bleeding after sex?)...

Discussion in 'Miscarriage Support' started by babyell, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    It is just over 5 weeks since we lost Harry, and thought AF had arrived but now not sure if it was AF or not.

    I bled for 2 weeks after giving birth on 9 Nov
    and had no loss since 23 Nov (and this was spotting on 22 and 23 nov).
    Started what I thought was AF on 10 Dec - 14 Dec. (4 weeks after giving birth)

    Thought right AF been and gone, had stretchy egg white mucus we are good to try again.... and then today fresh red blood again.

    Is this still my body healing or is it AF? confused now. Feels like it's one step forward and 3 steps back. :(

    Had another bit of a bleed today CD9, just a thought but could the bleeding be because we had sex?, seems to be a bit of fresh blood a few hours after we have sex? but doesnt last longer than a few hours.

    If this bleeding IS from sex, does this mean that my cycle could still be normal and I could ovulate in a few days as normal?
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    Dec 7, 2009
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    Don't know if this helps, but with my MMC I got AF after about 5 weeks. About a week-week and a half prior to that I had lots and lots of clear mucus. Like, TMI lots. The first AF lasted a month, then my hormones were so out of whack for the next 2 months AF would last over a week ending with spotting and start up again with more spotting a week before it was due.
    Doctors said it was unusual but nothing physically wrong and to just let it sort itself out.
    Alternatively, it could be ovulation spotting maybe?
    Have you tried temping? I could always tell when AF was going to show up as my temp would dip after being high.

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