Help Rejected for IUI!!!

Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by macca197831, Nov 18, 2011.

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    my husband had a sperm test in August, his count was 49 million but motility was around 35%. When we visited the fertility clinic they told us that they wanted to do another test to determine our suitability for IUI.

    He did the test in September and this morning I got a letter to say that his count is 19 million and the quality is not suitable for IUI!

    What does this mean? From reading other posts my understanding is that you only need 5 million for IUI so im confused! We dont have an appointment with our Consultant until January!!!!

    Im gutted his count has gone down, we didnt think this was an issue at all! How does this happen?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!!!
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    Jul 4, 2011
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    yes this is confusing as I just got my first IUI done last month and my DH had nearly 6 million sperm after the wash which they said was good, they like to see over 5 million. Also, my sister's coworker had an IUI done a week before me and her DH had such a low count they didn't think the IUI would even work and lo and behold she is pg with twins!!! So I would def go to another doc... I mean at first if they just want to start you out with Clomid and timed intercourse for a few cycles before moving on to IUI then I guess that is different, this is what my doc did for me.. when the TI didn't work I moved onto IUI.... best of luck to you!!

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