Help with co-sleeping 2.5 year old

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by lilysmum2, Nov 19, 2011.

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    Hello! My daughter was breastfed up until the age of 2. She has always slept with us at night but over the last year it has forced my OH out of our bed and he now has his "bedroom" which used to be the spare room.
    I feel so bad for my OH! We are getting married in just under 5 months and I have decided that enough is enough.....I want my daughter in her own bed in her own beautiful princess room!

    Her room is gorgeous, it has everything a little girl could possibly dream off! But she will NOT sleep in there! She much prefers mummys bed...

    It hit me the other day when she came upto me and said "can i sleep in daddys room" That hit me to the floor! I realised then that we have seperate bedrooms!

    My question is how on earth do I get my daughter out of my bed and into her own bed/room. My OH has even contemplated buying her a double bed for her room.

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    Have you tried having her bed in your room for a while and starting her off in there but letting her in your bed if she wakes? I'd do it gradually unless she will let you reason with her about it.
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    Did you try to move with her to her room for few nights until she gets used to it? Omar's room is ready but he's still in our bed. When we're ready to move him out to his room, I'm planning to co-sleep with his in his room for few nights, then after few nights, when he gets used to it, I'm planning to leave the room after he falls asleep.

    We bought a double bed for Omar's room as I know I will still co-sleep with him some nights once we move him to his room.

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