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    ma baby is 3 months old so from 1st sept ended up in hospital due to projecting every feed stayed in two days though might of been pyloric stenosis but scan was fine. They fed thru tube she kept it down sent home as they dint know what was wrong then she started doing it again docs changed her milk to lactose intollerent but kept doing it n constipated her so they changed milk to alergy one shes been on this two weeks now n still on it she stoped projecting went from once a day to now every other day never know when shes being referd to hospital to see a consultant this month. Now shes just started to make this sounds like grasping for air since sunday i rushed her to a&e they took her off me rushed her round as the desk women heard her. Then when docs got to her she had stoped the noise they dont know what it is then when i got home she did it again and keeps doin it throught the day when she does it she isnt cryin shes only cried the once when doin it now i took her to docs with a recordin voice recording one and he as no explanation to it and she looks all well ect now it paniks the life out of me like shes tryin to catch her breathe she doin it what could it be what do i do ??:/
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    Oh Hon that must be so worrying.
    Not sure what it cud be. Just keep an eye on it hon and if ure at all unsure dont hesitate to get her looked at again.
    I panic about every strange noise my newborn makes it's so hard.

    My son had bad colic and reflux when he was a baby and he used to projectile vomit.
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    Could she be vomiting but it gets into her lungs some? That would be one answer to the noises.

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