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Sep 28, 2008
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Hello Everyone,

I am new too this site and would like some advice and just somewhere to vent. I am 19 years old and in a very happy marriage. My husband and I are trying to conceive and last month all our prayers were answered. I got a positive pregnancy test. I have gone 3 months without a period and have had 3 previous negative pregnancy tests and 1 postitve so I went to the doctors. They did another test and it too was positive so I had my first appointment with my midwife and she worked out my dates and I was 10 weeks gone. This was on Thursday and they estimated my due date at 22nd April and arranged a scan. I went to work on Friday and started to get really bad pains in my stomach, I was doubled over. I left work and went to A&E as I was not bleeding I had to wait 4 hours to be seen and when I finally saw my doctor she felt my stomach and listened for a heart beat. Then she disappeared. She asked me to provide a urine sample so I did.

She came back in after what felt like a lifetime and explained that they could not find a heartbeat and had done 2 pregnancy tests with my sample...both negative she told me that I had either miscarried my baby, or it was never there is the first place. I felt completly empty.

Was i pregnant? I have still not started bleeding and I am unsure of what to do as she gave me no advice.

Please Help! :hugs::hugs::hugs:
I am so sorry that you having to go through this. When you was at the hospital did they not mention doing an ultrasound scan ? I would have thought that they would do this first to see what was going on
So sorry hun :hugs:

You must have been pregnant if you had 2 positive tests & if you havent had any bleeding the 'products of conception' will still be retained inside you.

I think its a bit odd that they didn't scan you?? maybe you should make an appointment to see your own doctor to discuss what needs to happen next?

Assuming you were pregnant in the 1st place (& there is no reason to think you werent) & the hospital pregnancy tests just came back negative then you must still have the failed pregnancy inside you... I don't mean to alarm you but this needs to come out or it could cause complications.

If you dont start to bleed naturally you will probably need to have an ERPC to remove everything so you need to get all this clarified by your own doctor - give him a ring ASAP :hugs:

Hope its all over with as quickly as possible so you can start to recover xx
Oh honey I cannot imagine what you must be going through. You should go back to your doctor and get him to get you an appointment in the early pregnancy unit, as you will need to be scanned to see what is going on. If you have miscarried and have not bled yet then they need to be aware of this to advise you properly on the next steps.
Not knowing is so hard :hugs:
Big hugs :hug:
IN july of 2005 I was pregnant and got in a fight with my boyfriend. He threw me around and a lot of other stuff. 2 weeks later I went to the doctors to hear the heart beat and they could not find it but my body still showed I was pregnant. i had to have a D&C 2 weeks later because if it is left inside for more than 4 weeks you run the risk of an infection. Good luck and demand they do a scan and find out what happened.
I would imagine that you were pregnant. I found out I miscarried with my first pregnancy at 12 weeks, but the baby had already stopped developing at 10 weeks. So, it was in my belly for 2 weeks before I started spotting. Only another week later did I start bleeding and having cramps and that was because I took medicine to assist with the abortion. So maybe you’re not bleeding or cramping now, but will soon. Be prepared and I agree with others to go to your doctor and get a scan or at least have them do a follow up. Good luck.
Thank you everyone for you comments. I was in shock on Friday so did not even think of asking for a scan. I really dont want to have a d&c if I can avoid it as I would prefer to do it naturally but I would not want to lessen my chances of convieving in the future. Which is the best way to do it? xxx
If you choose to let it happen naturally, just keep watch for infections. Prominent signs to watch out for are very strong and unpleasant odors from your discharge/bleeding, and fever. It could take weeks to happen. If you don't want to wait too long, you can have them prescribe medication to get your uterus to contract. There are pros and cons to all of these methods of course: DnC is quick and recovery is sooner, but you have a risk of infection and scarring the uterus walls. The medication and natural m/c runs a risk of having remnants remaining in your body that would require a DnC to get rid of. From my personal experience, I'd opt for natural first, and if it doesn't happen in a week or 2, go for the pill. I m/c'ed at 8weeks then again at 5, and never had any complications with the pill or with natural. Best of luck.
i completely agree with charliesmom. also, i really do not understand how they can just say it was a mc, without giving a scan! i would not be accepting that answer until they give a scan, because they could very well be wrong. there could be other reasons why they could not find the heartbeat. i dont know how to explain the urine sample, but in my mind, the doctors should not have confirmed a miscarriage without properly checking. i hope you get some answers. keep us updated! xoxo
You need a scan to see what is going on hun. There is no reason to say you may not have been pregnant in the first place with 2 positive tests. The longer it takes for you to begin bleeding the greater chance of getting an infection and you could end up seriously ill with it, maybe even septic shock hun. It is serious that you get back to the hosp or early pregnancy unit if your hospital has one. Even ring the midwives and ask for advice but you need to get yourself seen to hun xxx
Hello I have been to see my doctor today and she is really angry with the doctors she told me that they would not be able to find a heartbeat with a stethascope at 10 weeks and that as they have not done a scan that they have left me open to a chance of infection. The doctor also told me that their is a chance that I have not miscarried at all! I am in bits and have to go to the hospital for a scan this week. xxx
Im glad you have been seen by your own doctor hun, good luck for the scan xx
I was just about to say that 10 weeks is too early to hear the fetal heart, but looks like your doc got there before me!!

Am glad your doctor is sorting you out.

Fingers crossed it is good news for you xx
Im relieved to see you are booked in for a scan, try not to worry too much (I know easier said than done) and wishing you lots of luck with your scan xxx
Good luck hun, fingers crossed that all works out well for you.


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