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  1. pansylove

    pansylove Guest

    What is it? We don't have that here in the UK.. I'm curious. :)
  2. x__amour

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    In high school, there are usually three dances in the US, mainly two though. The two big ones are Homecoming and Prom.

    Homecoming is in the fall, usually anytime between September and October and it's a week of celebrations to "coming home" aka going back to school. There's usually a football game at the end of the week following a dance either on Friday or Saturday and everyone can go.

    Some schools (like mine) celebrate Homegoing which is usually in February. Same thing as homecoming, just celebrating "going home" in a few months. It's mainly a dance for the underclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) who can't go to prom in April but everyone can go.

    Then comes Prom in April which is typically for only juniors and seniors unless they invite an underclassmen. It's the last dance of the year and typically the last dance for seniors. It celebrates their last moments of high school.

  3. Burchy314

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    Exactly as Shannon said, but in some schools Prom is just for Seniors. My School has a Homecoming for freshman and shopmores and then a homecoming for juniors and seniors (same day but in different rooms) and then a Senior prom.
  4. LoisP

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    Nothing to do with your question but...

    AYMIE you sexy beast.
  5. Callie-xoxox

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    In Canada we only have Prom :) or at least only in my province we have prom.
  6. aidensxmomma

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    At my school, all the dances were for everyone freshmen through seniors. However, the prom king and prom queen could only be juniors, since it was the juniors who hosted prom. I went to a pretty small school, though, so it wouldn't even have been worth it if only the juniors and seniors went to prom.
  7. holly2234

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    Mar 9, 2010
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    I was curious about this too! I asked my OH who is american but he didnt know. Guessing he wasnt into dances when he was at school :haha:
  8. pansylove

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    Ahhh I see! We have a prom in the UK at the end of year 11 which is age 16 I think?!
  9. Leah_xx

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    At my school we have 2 homecomings which is for freshman thru seniors
    Prom is for junior and seniors only. but they can take underclassman

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