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    Apr 13, 2021
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    Has anyone been diagnosed with an over-active thyroid whilst pregnant? I have HG and because of severe vomiting, my thyroid is out of whack and showing high levels that indicate hyperthyroidism. Is this likely to go down? I have to repeat bloods to check my levels. They aren't sure if it's just the hyperemesis that has caused it or that I have an actual problem. I'm quite worried, as I googled (oops) and it sounds extremely scary, especially as I'm not on any thyroid medication right now. I'm 9 weeks.
    If I do have hyperthyroidism, would this mean that my pregnancy will be classed as high risk and no longer able to use a Birthing Centre or have a home birth?

    Thank you for reading
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    Hey! How did your pregnancy go? I have hyperthyroidism too and I'm at 10.5 weeks. It's soooo terribly worrying and I'm trying so hard to stop the massive reading online.

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