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Discussion in 'Two Week Wait' started by julybabe84, Jan 27, 2011.

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    :dohh:Ok how embarrassing I just checked my cervix today and it is high soft and more open than I've ever felt it so i've had to go into fertility friend and change everything I recorded as open to medium. I also noticed I had put in one of my temperatures wrong when going back through my diary and it looks like i've not ovulated yet. However today everytime i've been to the toilet i've had loads of EWCM dangling (TMI sorry) from me. So possibly Ovu is near I'll keep up the opk's this week just incase today;s was quite dark but not as dark as the control line. Symptoms must be to do with that or because i wanted to be pg i tricked my body into acting like i was. Also tummy starting to swell which it usually does a few weeks before af with me and given that my shortest cycles in a year have been 46 and 53 days it could be about right. Hope you dont mind but i'd like to stick around the 2ww forum as i feel more at home hear

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