I swear my daughter never...

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    Did this.

    DS has recently shown some interest in using the potty so before his bath at night we will sit him on it while we put stuff away, get DD ready for bed etc. The other night he's sitting on the toilet and I hear my husband screaming "Rhys no, no, NO, stop, NO" (I have to admit I stayed as far from the bathroom as I could at this point as I didn't want to know what had happened :lol:). When DH and DS emerged later after his bath I asked what Rhys had done. While hubby was trying to brush our daughter's teeth apparently our son got bored waiting and decided to err play with himself some. Problem being that he'd pooped and it got all over him including under his fingernails :haha: I'm very thankful that I hid in the other room from all of this :rofl:

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