I swear my kids have lost the plot!!!


I'm an old bag!
Sep 1, 2006
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Ok put this in here 'cos is about both of them LOL

I swear down they have both gone completley loopy:muaha:

Emily is sat on Jacks potty watching TV and Jack is on his back pushing himself along laughing his head off. They are both in such silly moods today, Ok its making me laugh but i have so much to do

Everytime i leave the room i can here banging and squealing and it makes me very nervous because when i come back in room they aren't really doing anything, but both have these mischevious looks on their faces!!!!

I don't trust my kids as far as i could throw them at the minute!!:rofl:

As I am typing this Jack is now trying to stick his sock up Em nose!!

Jeez what is wrong with them today?? I can't even blame smarties or anything:rofl:

Think am gonna get Em to take Jack into the garden so i can:iron: in peace
Hehehehehe little tinkers. They sound sooo mischievous!
LOL bless ...

Trying to batter Mums head in I thinkies :rofl:
No need to try LOL
Honestly i Laugh and despair in equal measure at the moment!!
They are both little buggers but so funny with it( not ASBO waiting to happen lol)
Jack has just been eating his tea, Tuna pasta and has seperated evey piece of sweetcorn out of it!!

funny kids lol

my kids are strange too:blush:
lol u no wot they say.....

blame the parents ;) :rofl:

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