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    hi :flower:
    Well harry got to almost 19 weeks ! he was 11lb 5oz at birth but has been a slow gainer and not at all a hungry baby. i bf for 4 months he would go 4 hours between feeds and sleep 10 hours at night. then last week he became really hungry literally overnight, he'd still sleep really well but would wake up so hungry he'd choke trying to guzzle milk and then have tummy ache with wind. his hands are permanntly in his mouth and he is always doing his hand signal for hungry which is rubbing his hands together hes done that since birth but now hes doing it constsantly.
    harry is super long hes off all charts now for height so hes not small hes on 75th for weight he was born on the 91st.
    i took harry to gp this evening to talk about weaning id given him a little baby rice yesterday which he hated. the gp had been a paediatrician for 10 yrs hes lovely really knows his stuff. he said hes never seen a baby show such clear signals hes ready for solids harry was trying to guzzle his milk whilst there and the gp said he def needs his food bless him !!
    so here we are.
    today harry had some baby porridge which he loved was really surprised how well he eats hardly spits any !!
    what foods did yr lo try at first ?
    and do they like a particu;lar drink ? harrys not keen on water much at all but gets thirsty while eating not sure what to try although obviously hes still having his milk.
    just looking for some ideas he def hates baby rice !!!:haha:

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