Is it hard being a Mumma?

Discussion in 'Featured Tales from the Crib' started by Gemma_89, Nov 16, 2013.

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    Mar 8, 2013
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    So out of nowhere my 5 year old asks me, "Is it hard being a Mumma?"
    Me "Yes babe, it's very hard! I have to get up early every morning, cook dinners, clean up all the messes, change bums, wash clothes, make baddies better and stop you both having accidents!"
    To which she replies, "Aww! It's OK Mumma, you'll be dead soon and then you won't have to do anything . . ." :/

    I'm only 24! and in good health as far as I'm aware although I couldn't help but laugh. No idea where she has got that idea from but the thought was there I guess :D

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