Is this possible? Would I confuse her?

Discussion in 'Weaning & Nutrition' started by Shabutie, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Morning all,

    I know Amara is only 3 months old, so a while until she iwll start weaning, but last night I was looking into BLW, and it seems really good, but think I would worry about LO not eating it. (I do know the main bulk of nutrients comes from the milk intake) Am I right in thinking you feed the milk first?

    So would this work? If I feed LO her milk, then after an hour feed her some pureed food, and then afterwards, give her some finger food.

    or would I be over feeding her? Conufsing her?

    Thanks all, weaning seems so overwhelming, so thought I would start looking into it now, so I can be prepared and as clued up as I can.

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    If you were wanting to go down the BLW route, then you wouldn't offer any purees at all, as in, you wouldn't ever spoon feed your LO. You could offer her a pre loaded spoon of say yoghurt, but you wouldn't actually put it to her mouth, just on the tray and allow her to pick it up herself and do it all herself. You would wait until she is 6months, (ish) and just start offering finger foods, generally starting with fruits and lightly steamed vegetables that they can pick up and gum/naw at easily.
    Yes offer milk first, as at the beginning, your LO won't know that food is a solution for hunger, so offering food when she's hungry will just result in a crying, frustrated baby that isn't enjoying the experience and a mummy that isn't either. Give milk first, and then 1/2 - 1hr later offer finger foods. when she's not hungry or tired, You don't have to go straight in with 3 meals a day, choose one that works well for you guys, and start with that first, and add in more as you go on.
    Have you read the Gill Rapley book?? If not I definitely recommend it, It will tell you everything you need to know!

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