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    What are reward sites?
    Reward and cash back sites are shopping portals that give you money or gifts for using merchants or services on their site. Often this will be a percentage of what you spend.

    Where does Frugaller come in?
    When you enter a merchant name e.g. Dixons or Barclays, into the merchant search box, Frugaller will list the sites that will give you a reward when you use that merchant.

    Is Frugaller itself a reward site?
    No, Frugaller is NOT a reward or cash-back site. Frugaller is in fact an impartial reward site portal designed to help users determine whether a merchant is available on the best UK reward sites. That said, there are various member only competitions.

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    Other Benefits:

    A chat forum to talk to other Frugallers who are like you after a decent bargain & the best cashback offer on day to day purchases & internet activity.

    Win With Frugaller
    Every day, at a randomly selected time between 6am - 9pm, a Frugaller member will be selected to win the daily prize (also at random). From the time the user is selected and posted on the homepage, you will have 3 hours to claim the daily prize.

    Refer Friends
    Get your friends to join & receive FREE gifts - As simple as that!

    Customize your Frugaller
    Registered Frugallers can customise the image to one of their own. Frugallers can also add their own useful hotlink short cuts
    Everyday a registered Frugaller is selected at random to win a prize. The winning username is displayed here. Prizes must be claimed by midnight of the date drawn. Make sure you make Frugaller your home page so you don't miss out!

    Click HERE & create a Frugaller account

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