Last two "AF" only 3 days and light?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Mocha_Baby XD, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Ok ladies i'm really confused :wacko:

    I had af in November and it only lasted 3 days and was lighter, the exact same thing happened in December i thought maybe my periods are getting regular?

    I have on average a 36 day cycle, however this month af hasn't come yet :shrug: i am now on cd 40. For the past year my af has been coming every 36 days give or take 1 day, so it's either 35,36 or 37 days. i have never had a 40 day cycle before...

    In november i had those dreaded preggy symptoms (nausea, aversion to the smell of petrol etc) but when my "af" arrived i brushed it off to my body playing tricks on me. Same thing happened in december so when "af" arrived again i brushed it off, even my oh remarked on my period being shorter and lighter lol.

    I have noticed this month i feel constantly hungry and normally i am a picker when it comes to food haha. Also i feel that if i don't eat i feel really ill, i have also had a cold for the past week it came out of the blue! all of a sudden i had a runny/stuffy nose and my bbs started to ache a few days before my expected period. normally i just get nipple pains so i thought it was a little odd.

    I don't want to get too excited lol but i really hope this is it :happydance: Anyone care to enlighten me? and is anyone going through the same thing? any advice would be greatly appreciated =]. Thank you ladies:flower:
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    Mine are always 3 days and really light. So light, that I can't really use a tampon and can get away with 1 pad per day (TMI, I know). I think there is a fairly wide range of normal. I have two boys, so it doesn't seem to hurt fertility...

    I do hope you get a BFP though! I have heard of people having light periods while pregnant. Good luck!

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