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Aug 31, 2006
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Cats hubby just text me ... they were going to leave her until tomorrow which she was really upset about ... BUT 5 minutes later her waters broke :happydance:
:happydance: :headspin: :happydance: WooHoooooo GO CAT!!!!!! :headspin: :happydance: :headspin:
Its only 10:20 PM my time but 6:20am your time and I really hope that things are moving along for you hun. All the good things happen while Im asleep so I hope that your are a new mommy when I wake up in the morning (USA time):hugs:
Woohoo go Cat, maybe you have had him by now!!!
oooh so excited:happydance:
I've not had a text - I thought I would have by now :(
Maybe they are just too excited and knackered and forgot about us :(
yay well done Cat!!

Bet she is pleased it happend on its own :)

well if waters broke then it is matter of a few hours as second baby I would imagine,when they broke my waters it happended really quickly afterwards dilation occurrs well quick.

I reckon she has had baby by now easy. bless em and hope they are ok,and Cat not too tired.

not nesseceraly bex my waters went on a wednesday morning had no pains as i was having a home birth they left me 24 hours and i had not 1 twinge from when they went so had to go in to be induced the following day i hope it hasnt happened to her i was well gutted

good luck cat xxx
Ooh how exciting, come on Cat pushhhhh :hugs:

I said she would go last night anyway! spooky intuition. Good Luck cat!
:hugs: Oooooh hope ur holding LO by now!
Good luck if not yet an i hope alls well!
ooh i can't wait for the confirmation :D xx
Well Done Cat!! Hope you've had baby and everything went smoothly! x
hope things happened naturally for you cat in the end. cant wait for news :) xxx
Mark (her hubby) said he would keep me updated so I hope he does soon I've been sititng on my phone all morning! :lol:
aww i hope that everything went/ is going well for them x

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