losing 5 stone-70 pounds. looking for weightloss buddies,with,a good bit,to lose

Discussion in 'Dieting, Weight Loss & Fitness' started by lilesMom, Jun 30, 2015.

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    Jan 15, 2013
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    Hi ladies!! Somehow I got unsubscribed to this thread so I missed all the updates recently. Congratulations on your little ones (a bit late, so sorry)! How are you doing with adjusting to having two? I'm a bit terrified lol

    I am doing well...just over being pregnant and ready for baby to come. They are officially 2, nearly 3 days late (DS was 12 days late so not totally unexpected). 10 days left max to eviction so just trying to enjoy each day left with just DS before baby.

    I have put on pretty much every single pound I lost before (last weigh in I was up 67 lbs total- or 4.7 stone). Sigh. It is sitting probably 80% in my bump so hoping most of it comes off pretty quickly after birth. No matter, it will be the start of another weight loss journey. It helps knowing I did it before so I can do it again. But I also turn 30 in a few months and I know metabolism can tank afterwards so going to try and get as much off (within reason since I'll also be EBF hopefully) beforehand. Looking forward to seeing the scale go back down. We have a big vacation in September to Bora Bora with my DH's company (wish me luck...leaving the toddler at home but traveling with the baby) so am hopeful to have at least 45-50 lbs off by then.

    How is the weight loss going for you all?
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    Jun 1, 2012
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    Congrats on calvin xxx
    Sorry I read your post awhile back but didn't get chance to type reply
    How u doin xxx

    I put on 3 stone
    Double last preg
    2 stone gone.
    5 to go.
    I'm getting there ��
    Emily is 8 weeks now and is the best baby

    Hope ye r all well xx
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    We've all had our babies!! Yay!

    Now time to get to work. hahaha

    I officially stopped breastfeeding yesterday so I have no more excuses to not work out. We are putting our house on the market to sell next week so I'm doing some physical work like boxing and moving things so that takes care of this week. I need some ideas of easy work outs for next week though. Any thoughts ladies?

    Lilesmom, I'm glad Emily is a good baby for you. Cora is a super good baby too so I lucked out this time. Caleb was very fussy. So glad not to have to go through that again.

    kk, congrats again on Calvin! He's just the cutest!
  4. lilesMom

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    Jun 1, 2012
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    Do u hve any dvds or dance games?
    I find walking great
    Fresh air be nice in midst of the move too xxx

    I've very little exercise done
    C section recover th has been really slow.
    My wound opened a few times in patches.
    Still not 100% healed
    But getting there.
    I'm bf too so afraid to cut calories too much
    Bug I'm still losing so I'm good with that

    R ye moving far?
    Moving I hard work xx
  5. Mince

    Mince Guest

    Good luck girls xxxx

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