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Oct 27, 2006
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0 coming in !!! woohoo 2nd tri at last !!!:happydance:

Spoke to soon about feeling fine though! was sick this morning and have felt sick a lot today !:dohh:
Why does everyones pregnancies go fast bar mine? :rofl:

:happydance:for you Steph x x
Wobbles yours had flown !!!! your half way through already !!!! lol
I guess it doesnt seem that way to you, i feel mine is dragging too !!! being put back 4 days didnt help...... 4days is such a long time when your pregnant !!!! lol
Why does everyones pregnancies go fast bar mine? :rofl:

:happydance:for you Steph x x
*rasies hand*, mine hasnt exactly flown by!
I just wanna hit 34 weeks so that I can rest assured that if my little one is born at that stage, he'll be ok. According to my DR he will anyway!!!!

You're not on your own, mine has dragged.

Congrats Steph for getting into the 2nd tri.
Wow Steph are you here already? lol ............

I think its the same for all of us - Everyone elses pregnancy goes a lot quicker than our own!

Hope the 2nd Tri passes nice and quickly for you and the sickness doesn't last long!
Already Steph, and the sickness has kicked in hun, aww well 1st off, congrats!!! and 2md I hope you do feel better soon. Hopefully your sickness won't last long as you're already in 2nd tri :)
:happydance: Welcome to 2nd tri! Hope the sickness eases soon, im still yet to Bloom lol!
Ur right though everyones pregnancies are flyin but mine seems to be draggin i feel like ive been pregnant for 10 yrs lol and im not even half way there yet!
Thanks everyone! had a scan date through today aswell for my 20 week scan.....25th September !! ageeeeees away !!! lol
It killed me - The 8 week wait as mine was spot on. Is yours spot on 20 weeks Steph? x
No not spot on, i will be be 20+4 ! the wait is gonna kill me !!!! lol
OMG they should be charged sometimes for this :rofl:
:happydance: Great news bout scan
See when i look at it like this i only have 4 wks on wednesday till 20 week scan so the lasdt 4 wks has gone so quick really!
well the 5 weeks i had to wait for my 12 week scan flew by so im hoping these go quickly too !!! when i think of the date though end of september i think heck we'll almost be in October !! and that sounds so far away !!!!!! lol

Yay sophie you havent got long now! are you finding out the sex?! will you be spot on 20 weeks?we are hoping to find out but are probley keeping it a secret from family ! ha! last time all we had was " oh why have you found out thats all the fun gone now" blah blah blah so this time they can bloody well wait !!!!! haha!
Ill be 20 wks 1 day when i go:happydance: Yes def findin out i cant wait another 20 odd weeks to fond out lol just hope baby has its legs open! When i went with Kai the bloke doin said 'do u want to find out the sex' we said 'no' and he replied 'good cos i cant see anyway' :dohh::wacko: why ask lol! Anyway i know im havin a Boy!
Oh sophie have you got a strong boy feeling then? last time i was convinced i was having a boy ! this time im not sure at all !!
Yeah i really have, main reason is cos ive lost count at how many times people have said perhaps u cant carry girls, seems ive had 3 m/c's im not jokin but im talking just about everyone i know has said it. lol

All though this pregnancy has been so different to Kais.
Kai is convinced its a girl he keeps tellin everyone in fact lol.
LOL @ asking - He probably was going to look longer the woman who scanned me said she doesn't give up when babies are awkward lol! welcome to the second tri!!!! :happydance:

Sorry your feeling rough tho :hugs:x

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