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    Hi Ladies, I'm sorry if this sounds a bit daft...Jorja is 11 months old, and I was thinking about changing her from formula to normal cows milk when she's 1 or just over. How would you go around the transition? She's a good eater and enjoys all her foods. I was going to do it gradually and phase out the formula over a week or so.

    Any ideas or tips please ladies? :blush:

    Thank yoou :flower: x
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    We mixed it with formula at 1st at 11.5 months, then we started to reduce the amount of formula until he was taking cow milk only. You can try to offer her 1-2 oz at the same temp she drinks her formula & see how it goes. If she likes it, you can start switching one feed at a time, leaving bedtime bottle until the end.

    If she doesn't like it's taste you can try mixing it with formula xx

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