menses blood in abdo when will I ov????

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by MrsLQ, Dec 18, 2009.

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    Morning Ladies

    I am just wondering of anyone can help?

    I have recently been having 26 day cycles, however last Cycle I was 5 days late. I ended up in hopsital having a laporosopy and they said the blood had been travelling backwards and had gone into my abdomen first (weird!!).

    So now it is 14 days since I got my period, I do not use OPK s I assume I ov about 14 days after. However I was wondering if would have been possible for me to have already ov'd already?? Going by my 26 day cycle rather than when the bleeding started? Then I would be 5 dpo and I wonder if this could explain the achey feeling I have in my womb and also the blood I had this morning, although the was very watery. I feel like I am getting my period now.

    Just wondering if anyone ha been through this before?? or has any advice?? :shrug:
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    Blood travelling backwards !...thats a new one on me !!

    I'm no expert but here's me.....I have a 27/29 day looks like I usually Ov day 12! ( I had been assuming day 14....temps and OPK's indicate otherwise!)

    As for the achey feeling....last cycle I had it from around 2dpo.....sounds like alot of the other girls experience the same thing. With me ...I think i was just sypmton spotting and was aware of every little twinge. I convinced my self I was preggo but the old witch got me anyway. Not sure with you chic...sounds like it could be more to do with whats happened to you. Might be worth speaking to the doc??xx

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