More than ovulation sticks - Anyone using a monitor? If so - brand? Happy?


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Looking for feedback. And also wondering if having one gives you piece of mind over the pee sticks? I don't know if I trust the pee sticks 100% but I also don't want to be the woman that does nothing but think about ovulation! I have only been off the BCP since July - but am looking for your advice! You guys have been so helpful! so far and I know that I could ask you!
i use the persona fertility monitor, its cheaper than the clearblue one, and the sticks,symblos are the same, it gives u low,high and peak readings...BUT this was the first mth i used it and i did opk when i got my 2peaks and the opk were pos aswell, so i do trust it, the cheaper internet opk r good,but u really really must av un-diluted urine and 2not av been 2the loo 4 4hrs,i think lots dont get proper dark pos on these,wot about chartin? thats reliable and free!! x x x
I am day 20 in my cycle and have been temping and o sticks since the beginning. My last cycle was 50 days so I am thinking something is bound to happen here eventually. Anxious of course - and having only started TTC in July - this is nerve racking! My temps have been consistent between 36.3 and 36.0 - so I am patiently waiting for that jump. Would like to know something is working in there! Ha. Thanks Honey08!
I use a clear blue fertility monitor and it is well worth the money!
Hi Appleseed

I agree with Tansey & Saraendepity. I've used cheapie opk's and they alright but u are just never sure if that line is dark enough. I have a CBFM and even though I've had mixed results from using it (lack of peaks, lots and lots of highs etc) I feel it gives me the most peace of mind that its my time of the month to be bding.
with really long cycles dont think they wud recommend a fertility monitoe uknow , but just the cheap opk off internet wud b fine till ur cycle maybe gets any lesser, there fine just as long as u really consentrate ur urine enough and understand that ur pos opk prob isnt guna be as dark as u expected it2b, i keep last mth 2 compare to the next, as i do use them alond side my monitor :) good luck x
After TTC for 3 months off the BCP without any kind of monitor and having 35 day (ish) cycles I decided to buy a Clearblue, and for the next 3 months it seemed fairly consistant at giving me peak fertility at the same time each month when we'd BD like crazy. The fourth month we went on holiday and so BD'd most nights just for the fun of it (you know, not insisting on being on my back with my legs in the air for 15 minutes afterwards :lol:).

When we got back off holiday I was due to start peeing on my OP sticks again, and again it gave me my reliable peak as it usually did. 8 days after this peak I did my HPT and got my BFP. I was so amazed I got it so early I was convinced I must have twins, and when I got my first scan I expected it to say I was only 10 weeks, which I would have been going by when my monitor said I ovulated.... but it put me at 12... which working out my dates means I must have gotten pregnant at the very begining of my holiday.

For this reason I kinda lost my faith in monitors and go with the school that says 'just have sex once every 3 days through your whole cycle' (like the Sperm Meets Egg Plan), and I'm going to sell it rather than keeping it for trying for my next one. However, that being said, it did satisfy my hunger for POAS a lot of days :lol: and lots of people I've spoken strongly believe they worked for them. Good luck with your BFP! xxx
but u can O on a high day ...well ur guna arent u ...if u get a peak thats 12-36hrs b4 u O so that wud be a peak the next day and a high on the third?!?!? mine is perfecley timed alone wit charting and a cheap opk just2 make sure, and this is the first mth ive used it !!!
The only thing I can think happened in my case is either I randomly ovulated twice in my cycle (once when I concieved and the second time when the OPK picked it up) or it wasn't detecting my LH surges right... because there is no way going by my dates that I got pregnant from when the kit thought I would :shrug: Dunno...

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