my boy is ill :-(


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Sep 10, 2006
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Started yesterday afternoon he has Diarrhoea and seems to be having cramps as he is ok for 30 mins then he cries for 5 mins, had a very unsettled night with him, he has a mild temp not thing major, My god does he stink though!:sick:
Am just trying to keep him drinking, hes not interested in foos at the moment.

Does any one know if theres any thing you can get to settle his tummy.

He has gone to sleep at the moment.

He is just very clingy today poor little man.:cry:
aww bless him :(

Cant offer any advice im afriad, just to drink lots of fluids, hope he gets better soon

aww hun, just keep offering him fluids, as long as he is doing that it doesn't matter, keep him away from anything diary or milk cos it will feed the tummy bug.
Yeah as Vicky said dont give him any dairy products so no milk at all. The best way to quickly get rid of a stomach upset is to keep him in water and offer him fingers of dry toast.

Hope he is feeling better soon.
thanks, have give him some calpol, and he seems a bit brighter, got some rehydration sachets from the chemist.
Trying to keep him off milk,but he is asking for water so that makes life easier.
He just loves his milk.
Need shares in nappies at the moment!
Aww poor little man, so hard isn't it, at least he likes his water
Hope he is feeling better soon
Hope the poor little man is feeling better soon.
thanks, i havent offered him any food today but at 6pm he came up to me with his bowl and said 'din din beenz' (how cute!) so he had some beans on toast with me.

He seems brighter and not so much Diarrhoea and doesnt smell so bad, poor guy has a sore bum though.

Hoping it might be warn tomorrow so i can let him have some nappy free time in the garden.
awww glad hes perked up a lil bit poor wee man!
aww bless him, sounds like hes on the mend now, horrible when they are ill ! x
Oh poor man hope he feels better very soon


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