My Cloth Diapers Leak Half of the Time

Discussion in 'Natural Parenting' started by blueblue, Apr 28, 2020.

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    I've started using cloth diapers during the coronavirus pandemic to stop having to go to the shops constantly for disposables, I'm using disposables at night and for naps but have cloth diapers to help reduce the amount I need. Really enjoying creating so much less waste and the nappy designs are adorable but I've been having issues with the nappies leaking, any tips? I'm using Alva Baby pocket diapers with microfibre inserts. They tend to leak about half the time, often when baby has only been in them for an hour (I was using them for naps and finding baby was waking after 40 mins with a leaky diaper).
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    You need better inserts lovely, microfibre are quick to absorb but squeeze out easily causing leaks, you want some bamboo or hemp inserts to pair with the microfibre :)
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    Yep, the problem is the microfiber suck. Get better ones. The shells are fine but throw out the inserts

    The OTHER issues causing leaks COULD be:
    1) do you have it sized correctly?
    2) do you have a good wash routine?

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