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Oct 27, 2006
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When do i tell people, e.g banks, dvla etc about my name change?? do i have to wait until im actually married? in that case will i need to send copies of the marriage certificate to them? or do i need to do it now?

Help im confused !! :lol:
I think you have to wait till after, cause you have to show them proof of name change. The only exception is your pasport which you need to get sorted efore hand, there is a form which you get the registra to certify that he is marying you and you send this off with your existing passport and they will send you through a new one before you marry so you can use it for a honeymoon the day you marry if you need to.
Wait until you're married, then send them letters with your original marriage certificate (or authenticated copies, dont know how to get those though). Dont forget about your national insurance too. Banks you can just walk in with your passport and marriage certificate and get it changed there and then, so you dont have to wait ages for them to send the certificate back. I haven't changed my passport yet, as I've used it to prove my maiden name, but as both names are on the marriage certificate you could prob change your passport whenever you want. If you want a passport in your new name to go on honeymoon with, you can get one in your new name up to 3 months before your wedding date. It will be posted dated though, so only valid from your wedding date.

(i went on honeymoon in my maiden name as the tickets were booked in that name. If you've booked them in your new name you will need to get your passport changed. Also, if they can tell you just got married and your traveling in your maiden name they may not let you travel)
Are u changing to a good surname?

My married name would be Karrina Cockin pmsl! Its horrendous! :lol:
im not sure hun?
im not even engaged :twisted: so im miles of!!
Im still in the middle of changing all mine, sent of for new passport last week and need to go to my bank an dvla, i changed my docs an child benifit, all the rest i need my marriage cert!
Its a nightmare!
I hated my old surname love my new one though!
I'm still in the middle of chagning mine too Sophie. My dad has one of my certificates for "safe keeping" so i'm having to make do with one :roll: National Insurance people haven't send it back yet though, and I sent it nearly 2 weeks ago :evil:
EDITED (wrote my surname to be, but took it off incase of any stalkers reading that might hunt me down !!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: )

So these things must take ages to sort out? if they need to see your original certificate that means i can only change one thing at a time while i wait for them to send it back again?!!!!!! lol arghh
I know its a pain in the arse!
I got my 1st letter yesterday addressed to Mrs M.... loved it :lol:
Remember to send it recorded delivery each time :) Costs about 70p and covers you up to £32. If it gets lost when they send it back and they didnt send it recorded delivery then they're liable to pay for a new copy. But if it gets lost on the way to them and you haven't send it recorded delivery its not covered :(
do it after married you need to tell evryone that deals with any accounts you have i.e gas electric
That reminds me - i'll have to inform the National Insurance people that i've not got a double-barralled name (my maiden name and my husband's surname). No ned to change my passport for i'd say a good 10 years as I have absolutely no plans to go abroad, plus my husband is scared of flying and would never fly for any amount of money :lol:
As I understand it You don't HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!!!

If you want you can use either name, but I think legally you are the name which you sign the register as.

You can also use your maiden name for work, banks etc if you want, it's like a Common Usage law .

My Bezzie m8s missus hasn't changed her name on lots of things, so she uses both.

Basically Your Choice, but if you wanna change it you can't do it before the wedding, but you can get the paperwork and prepare it before.

Hope I have helped more than Hindered
i just added DH's name to mine when we married, so have gone all posh and doubled barreled1 but as a rule i still use my maiden name and only use mrs ******* if it makes life easier when we do something together(dealing with estate agents when we moved etc etc). I have a slightly 'stroppy attitude'when it came to changing my name(was adopted as a child and have to produce enough paperwork as it is when it comes to anything legal!), in my mind the bloke would never dream of taking your name so why assume you have to take his?!? I shall now get down off my soapbox and leave you all alone!! :p
I only just started to change my name.......Was being lazy (got married 06/05/2005) :oops: In america, you have to change with the Department of Motor Vehilces first and I hate the DMV so that is what took me so long. Plus I went from a very Easy name to a Russian last name......... :oops: Could kill my husband for that one... :rofl: :rofl:

Im sure that no mater what country you live in it just takes time....Im done...Finally!

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