Need advice - swollen feet and ankles

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by LousMom, Apr 9, 2009.

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    Hi Ladies :)

    So I'm in Florida on vacatin (holiday) and a friend and I took my daughter and 5 other kids to Disney World yesterday. After a longday I pulled up my jeans leg and noticed that my feet and ankles were HUGE. This worried me of course and we had a Disney person get me a wheelchair and they helped us back to the car (which took an hour). I had pre-eclampsia with my daughter and swollen feet were my 1st sign. Its too early forpre-eclampsia --- but I wonder if just excess walking can bring on edema? I have a call into my doctor, but I wondered if this had happened to any of you?

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    I get swollen feet all the time when I don't wear my copression socks. But I am on my feet all day with work. It was really bad a couple of weeks ago when I was in Hawaii and was doing a bunch of walking around.

    Put your feet up and rotate between hot compress and cold packs.

    Hopefully you don't have broken blood vessels like me... on one ankle it looks like I was Violet Beauregard and chewed the grape gum!

    Not sure about the eclampsia...Hope everything goes OK for you!

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