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Need Your Help Please *UPDATE NO 3* Been To Docs And....?


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Sep 3, 2006
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Ladies can anyone help please when i went to the toilet a little while ago when i wiped there was CM that had a pinky tinge to it what can this be im sat here worried now :cry:
I've had it for weeks hun - See my spotting threads maybe?

Thanks wobbles have just glanced through them im hoping its something and nothing but i will mention it to the doctor tommorrow
Im sure theres something wrong now when i woke up there was blood and the same when i went to the toilet and wiped :cry:
As your still at 4 weeks maybe implantation bleeding ...

Was there much blood before wiping?

I would pop & see your GP - make sure you get an appointment today.
Hey there wobbles the blood wasnt bright red more dark red but it was mucusy and all sticky :wacko:
I think its too early for them to either attempt a scan. I would contact the GP or sit tight over the next day or two.

The bloody discharge has lasted weeks for me I was certain I was doomed but I got the HB at 6.6 weeks.
Hey there wobbles i was going to see my Doctor anyway today so il still make the app with him and tell him and see what he says
Good luck hun

Hope the bleeding calms down for you

I had spotting at around 4 weeks, might be inplantation.

good luck

Thanks ladies im sure all will be ok although my o/h doesnt exactly help when he's telling me "oh well maybe you got it wrong and those test werent right" :hissy:

2 digis can't be 'wrong'!

Why oh why im sitting here crapping myself somethings wrong or i have got it all wrong now i feel im going to look sillly when i see the doctor now :cry:
Hows the bleeding hun?

What times your appointment?
Hey there wobbles its about the same as earlier keeps coming and going my app is at 2.15
Hope all went ok with your appointment and the doc was able to put your mind at rest. :hugs:
hey there well i had the app with the doc and he basicaly said that as im only a short time after AF being due and as its still early to treat it as a normal period so what does this mean as im lost? :wacko:
he means he cant scan you, at 4 weeks there will be nothing really to see.

You are pregnanct coz you had positive tests so you just have to hang in there and wait it out, horrible i know :(

you can be scaned from 6 weeks plus i think, hopefuly the spotting will settle, it does sound like inplantation

Thanks layla im just not sure where i go from here thats all? Do i make the app with a mid wife or what? :wacko:

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