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Aug 3, 2008
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For those of you who have been following my journal - this is totally fab news!

Today after 53 days i finally have a second line on my opk (cheapy one)
having had no hint of anything remotely hormonal happening this cycle this is a complete and total shocker and a breakthrough for me!

Hubby (who has bad viral infection and is off work) had a look at my opk and promised some :sex: (haven't :sex: for nearly 2 weeks as i have been a little depressed about this whole ttc malarkey)

so bring it on girls!

Dilemma: my test line is nearly (but not totally) the same as the control line should this be recorded as a positive opk on fertility friend or not until the full match - i haven't had my temp drop today.
u O 12-36hrs after pos opk dont u so u shud get ur temp dip 2moro/next day :) i never get full pos on internet cheap un's ...very very close2control line but defo not as dark and i got a peak on monitor so i know thats as dark as it gets4me on them :)
u must be REALLY plsed...congrats, get some bd in :)
Yeah Littlestar!! get that last cycle buddy bfp :)
I am so totally buzzing with esctasy at the moment!

doing the opk was a total stab in the dark (Warning TMI) i happened to notice that i had alot of cm and cramps and thought to myself it wouldn't hurt to do one that's what they're there for, and i was totally shocked it was positive.

I keep looking at the test strip in amazement - i'd convinced myself i'm totally out of the game this cycle and i'd probably missed it!
try to get some BDing in! Good luck! xx
Thanks Tansey - but try isn't an option - Not when i have long, irregular cycles, I will pin him down if i have to but there will be no getting out of it tonight Mr! Thank goodess the weekend is approaching!

I think this is the first time since coming of the pill in march that i've actually confirmed that i'm really ovulating which is a huge relief more than anything, especially after my scan in August confirming there was no reason for me not to be ovulating.

Bring on that :bfp:
Did a mid morning opk - it's lighter than yesterday
A lighter Opk this afternoon - i guess that means my LH surge has passed, and ovulation is now imminent!

I am still buzzing! bring on that :bfp:
Rather than start a new thread for this i found my recent one (2 pages away - gosh this is a busy forum)

Today, Fertility friend rewarded me with my first cover-line! my three high temp in a row after pos opk.

I'm officially in my TWW! bring on those :bfp:'s

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