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    Thought it would be fun to see what us Scorpio birthing ladies have to look forward to as our babies grow older (especially seeing as I personally need something to take my mind off of being overdue!) Enjoy!

    The Contemporary Scorpio Rabbit Personality

    Rabbit's are characterized in Chinese Astrology as graceful, kind, organized and wise personalities. These creature's traits are believed to be bestowed on people born within their five yearly reign in the astrological calendar. If those individuals are also Scorpio's in Western Astrology, their personality is thought to be greatly influenced by the Rabbit's presence. A Scorpio Rabbit is believed to be harmoniously balanced as they are usually calm and collected but also very warm and passionate. They generally have a cheery and modern outlook that enables them to makes friends easily and move forward in life.

    A Scorpio Rabbit individual will tend to have a positive view on almost everything and they are intelligent and witty. These personalities love to be the first to know something new and usually possess a keen interest in knowledge and news. They have high intelligence that has a natural thirst for information. Many Scorpio Rabbit's are quite fussy when it comes to their attire. These are the personality types that will spend hours getting ready and then decide at the last minute to wear something else. These people like to look good and will often have a passion for keeping up with fashion trends.

    These Scorpio's have strong emotions but they seem to keep them harmonized for the majority of the time. They have sensible responsible sides to their personalities but have no problem switching to fun-loving or intense. These individual's are versatile and can easily adapt to different circumstances. These abilities help the Scorpio Rabbit to build strong friendships and long lasting personal relationships. They are never in a rush to make long term commitments but once they do it will be with the best of intentions. These personalities are romantic and protective and supportive towards their partner's.

    Scorpio Rabbit's like to learn new skills and this will sometimes reflect in their choices of work and hobbies. They also enjoy teaching others and some of these individual's may enter professions in the educational field. In their free time the Scorpio Rabbit takes pleasure in learning crafts of all kinds and making things. They also have a love of music and find it helps them relax and sometimes rekindles good memories. In their relationships these Scorpio's will often associate special occasions with the music that was playing at the time. If you ask them their most favored songs they will usually only have one real favorite.

    If a Scorpio Rabbit is unfairly criticized or made to look foolish then you may catch a glimpse of their personality weakness. These people do not take kindly to criticism and seem to take it really personally. If the appraisal is unwarranted it can send a Scorpio Rabbit into a rage, the same goes if someone tries to make them appear idiotic. These Scorpio's do have a temper but it is usually well hidden. Their anger can result in sulking and this can occasionally last for days. These character's need time on their own to come to terms with the knock on their self esteem.

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