Ovulation Cramps


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Sep 15, 2006
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Has anyone had these and can you describe what they feel like and how may days you had them and where about in your cycle where you when you got them.....

Had em some cycles Suz - It was like AF was arriving maybe but a lil different ?!?!? lol Help? :lol: It was on one side & for me I also ovulated on day 12-14 although seemed to be mainly day 13.

AF feeling, stitch, cramp .... lasted between a day or 2 for me x x
Yes, it's quite common to have mild cramps similar to menstral cramps during ovulation. Sometimes, it feels like a pinch in your ovary area. You may also experience a thick, but clear (like KY Jelly) discharge when you wipe. It has no color or odor and it doesn't drip into your panties. You'll feel it when you wipe. If you think about it, you'll probably recall having this at some point, but didn't think too much about it. This is nature's way of making intercourse easy, especially for women who tend to have little or no vaginal moisture. When this appears, have SEX! Hope this helps. God Bless
:happydance: I think I have that:happydance: Dadoodedada

Have had some yesterday and today...:happydance: Bd yesterday and this morning.:happydance:Going to go home for more and Then more :happydance:
More & then more lol ... Ta for info on your evening :lol: Did you have time for dinner lol!
Very similar feeling to Wobbles Suz.... but always to my right side (ovary area) !
Yeah, I get them too. Feels just like a stitch. Also I feel sick round about this time too.

You must have a lot of stamina Suz!!!!!

I remember noticing these when I was ttc. They do feel abit like period pains. I still get this now and it's always on my left side :wacko:
Did you have a busy couple of days Fluzy Suzy?

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