Please help with ovulation dates

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Krazy, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Please help,

    My wife’s cycles have been irregular during the past few months; I think this has been related to stress at work. She now no longer works and we have noticed that she has had her period as normal in December. She has also been for a ultrasound as the doc thought she may have cysts. There is nothing wrong with her ovaries.

    This is her cycle pattern:

    1st June, 1st July and 1st August.

    3rd September then

    13th October then,

    11th November

    Now 11th December 2009.

    Please can you tell me what her ovulation dates would be and what her cycle length would be.

    We want a second child so bad.

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.
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    Nov 29, 2009
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    You would need to monitor other signs to figure out her ovulation. As a rule of thumb it is 14 days after CD1 - the first day of her period but this is for a 28 day cycle. She could monitor her Cervical mucus or chart her Basal Body temp. This would be more accurate.
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    Looking at those dates, I would say her cycles are averaging 30 days and initially would work off of this.

    My understanding, is that generally speaking, ovulation occurs between 10-16 days prior to the first day of your period (full flow). This obvioulsy varies for each individual. I would recommend having a look at (to chart temperature and other signs of ovulation).

    If this cycle is 30 days, I would recommend starting to bd every other day from cd12 (today!) just to give yourselves the best chance.

    Hopefully some ladies with a bit more knowledge than me can give you some more advice.

    Good luck

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