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Jan 1, 2007
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Hey everyone,

I (Natalie) was previously known as "Confused_1984".

I was extremely confused about what to do regarding my pregnancy but i can confirm that me and my boyfriend, Karl, have decided to go through with having the baby.

I'm 22 and he's 25.

My mum is still finding it hard to come to terms with and i'm still extremely worried about telling my work!

Can't wait until all stress is lifted off my shoulders so we can start to enjoy my pregnancy!

Natalie and Karl xxx
Congratulations and good for you!

It may help you to know that in a recent survey, expectant mums said that the thing they feared most about their pregnancy was telling their boss, so your not alone in the way you feel. Its never as bad as you think, and your rights are protected so they cant treat you badly.

Hope everything goes well for you hun.
Congratulations, that is excellent news :D Welcome back :wink:
Thanks a lot girls,

and yes that statistic is helpful to know.

Numerous amounts of people have told me i have nothing to worry about...i hope they're right!

Look forward to listening and sharing stories and experience with you all.
Hiya hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months ! :D
congratulations hunni. welcome back, hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy x
welcome back to B&B !!!

Have a happy and healthy 9mths :D

Tell karl to get his butt into the Mens Room!!!!

I need some Male company!!

Welcome to the mad house!!!
Thanks girls and GUY.

Will tell to go into the mens room asap! lol.

ImTheDaddy said:
Tell karl to get his butt into the Mens Room!!!!

I need some Male company!!

Welcome to the mad house!!!
Bless you - fedup of talking to yourself? :lol:

Kick my OHs backside :evil:
Hi, :hi:

Glad you got sorted hun! Congratulations!!!

Welcome again! x
Awww You will be pleased with your desicion when you have your little bundle :) Just wait until you can feel those first kicks and movements its truely amazing Id do it all over again in a flash!

I know what u mean about telling your boss, I was scared worked in a pub but luckily my dad was drinking there one night, got drunk and told them for me haha I was annoyed at the time but its funny now! Dont worry though your boss will be fine! And your mum will come round Im sure, my mum was shocked to say the least but after a few days her and my nan were buying me baby clothes already! you will be pleasantly surprised

take care and have a happy and healthy 9 months :)

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