Refusing day feeds!

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by cdj1, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Hi girls

    My LO is just over 15 weeks and has breastfed well until recently, he feeds fine overnight with no worries, but anytime after we get up and until bedtime and including that feed, he just fights against me! He seems like he doesnt like being laid down, goes all stiff and cries at the boob, wont even suck it! I just usually keep him there till he sucks, but I feel mean and after a few sucks he pulls off anyway. Its really upsetting me. I think he is teething but cant understand why that would make him feed poorly in the day but not at night? He deffo hasnt got reflux as he has no symptoms at all!

    Please help I am worried my milk will dry up :(
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    I'm interested in the answer to this as I am having the same issue - and am also finding it really upsetting. My LO is also teething and I think this is the cause - it is just too painful for him to suck at the breast and i think in the daytime he is more aware of the pain than he is in the night when he is sleepier. He is quite a bit better, although still fussy, with a bottle of expressed during the day. I'm fortunate in that i had a few bottles of expressed in the fridge so i'm giving him those and pumping every time i give him one (pumping with one hand, feeding with the other...).

    on top of the feeding issues, my LO is screaming with pain for most of the day and despite using teething gel, calpol and teething rings nothing seems to help. Anyone got any experience as to how long this might last? he's been like this for the last few days, getting gradually worse by the day.


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