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Discussion in 'Australia' started by katieandbump, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. katieandbump

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Hiya ladies wasn't sure where to post this really so thought best bet would be in here. OH is a cable jointed and works for EON a big electrical provider here in the UK and we are sick to death of the countries miserable climate and terrible government and looking into relocating. Doing as much research as we can as it's a massive step but what areas are best in terms of climate, things to do, family lifestyle and cost of living/property etc? Any help will be greatly apreciated. Thankyou. :flower:
  2. debbie7155

    debbie7155 Well-Known Member

    Jun 29, 2010
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    Hi ive been over here for 6 months , i am returning to uk though, ive missed home too much,
    anyway, we are near Brisbane, Queensland, & i am only speaking of my experience ok....

    1, people are so lovely, friendly, will help you out, polite etc
    2, the beaches here are beautiful
    3, you would have to do travelling to get to places & dont be in a hurry, some are along way
    4, dont know about schools, but think theyre the same as uk?
    5, it can get VERY HOT here, its best to get air con/fans i am suffering now think cos im pregnant & its not even proper summer yet, many people have told me women dont like to be pregnant in summer here, its too much..only what ive been told.
    6, if you dont mind cockroaches some are huge & i mean huge (dirty nasty things) you have to spray your home/windows regulary to keep them at bay along with huntsman spiders, some size of your hand (i know ive seen them up close) & snakes, but mainly if you go looking for them
    7,dont expect a good variety of food shops, all ive seen is woolworths,coles,super IGA, & im struggling with the variety, though i did find mushy peas the other week,lol no bisto gravy ..
    8, ive fount it very expensive where we are, things can be double the price if not more
    9, the fashion is a disaster compared to the UK & very expensive, so far behind
    10, pending on where you live people keep them selves to them selves ( esp in our area)
    11, it gets dark here at 5.30, in summer about 7.30 (my australian OH tells me)
    12,the zoo's, parks are lovely, people have BBQ's near the beach or in parks, a great way to meet up with the family/friends
    13, it is not like a 2 week holiday, living here is so much different, i would suggest to really do your homework b4 making a huge commitment

    im not trying to put you off, but dont always presume things are what they are from holiday brochures...
    yes there are many beautiful places here, ive been fortunate in my past to have travelled to many countries & i would choose europe over australia all the time, the climate is more comfortable, the food is much better, its cheaper (in my experience)

    i cant vouch for other parts of OZ, only the part i am in, oh & ive not yet seen 1 vehicle that doesnt have a big dint in it on the roads,lol, & the majority of them look old & tatty..
    i was disappointed as i had my expectations high for this area x
  3. Kimberley84

    Kimberley84 New Member

    Oct 7, 2010
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    Totally Agree with everything Debbie says! We moved here 1 year ago- cairns qld! I hate it!! It's so expensive so hot and no fashion what's so ever!! Sorry to sound so negative but it's really taking it's toll on me now! I just want to go bk to the uk but the oh is an oz and worships his country! Please make sure u do some good research first! It's awesome for a hol but that's it
    good luck with your decision
  4. fisitrixibell

    fisitrixibell New Member

    Apr 22, 2011
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    Hi there,

    reading you post i can feel and completely understand your anxiety if so for moving esp not knowing what the future will hold.
    I am Aus born and raised and have lived Sydney Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Brisbane and Cairns.
    I moved over to the UK a year ago and lived with friends in Kidderminster for a few months and loved it so much then started traveling a bit ended up in Dublin, then London (hatred, as I am am a girl next door type). I loved Kidderminster and Worcester.
    Everything is just great isnt it when your in a new location but as soon as you realise its forever, you may feel a little desperation for some homely items you cant get in Aus.
    I wish you all the very best.
    The only tip to stay ontop of things would be to shop online or have bulk sent from UK by friends/family to stay ontop of the fashion.
  5. MissyMoo88

    MissyMoo88 Mummy to Isla & an angel

    Jan 9, 2011
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    Hello, just seen your post.

    Hubby and I moved to adelaide, south Australia 7 and a half months ago and we love it !!!!!!!! Life is soooo much better here, you have the beaches, the weather, the outdoor lifestyle, the people are very friendly, greater opportunities out here, higher wages. We do find food shopping and other things more expensive, like bedding (Manchester as they call it here) but wages are alot better here !! It wad just yesterday we were BBQ'ing on the beach with friends enjoying a lovely autumn day (25 degrees).

    I must admit I miss tesco, river island and next but you learn to live without these things. We can still get Heinz ketchup & brown sauce, beans & spaghetti. I still get my bisto granules (although a little expensive but so worth every cent) the thing I miss the most believe it or not is my fairy non-bio and the blue lenor haha I miss my washing smelling of them.

    I wouldn't go back to the UK for all the money in the world, I can honestly say Australia it's home :)

    Alot of people I've spoke to have told me south Australia is the best state for families.

    Are you still planning on moving? xx
  6. Princessbec

    Princessbec Well-Known Member

    Sep 7, 2011
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    Hi I have to What debbie7155
    #5 it does get hot especially in Queensland, if you don't like the really hot weather stick the the south east states Tasmania where I was born is cold in the winter and 25 most days in the summer. Queensland, western Australia and the northern teritory are the hottest states.
    #6 I don't know about queens land but in Melbourne (where I live now) and Tasmania I have never seen a giant cockroach I never saw 1 in Tasmania and have only seen about half a dozen small ones since moving to Melbourne 10 years ago.
    #7 food shops you have aldi, Coles, woolworths, IGA, Costco (just starting to arrive in Victoria and NSW, but they have plans for lots more)
    #9 fashion hmmm well I love fashion and we have all the mojor designers with shops in Australia and you can always shop online : )
    #10 queensland doesn't have daylight saving although they are talking about it that makes it darker quicker 6pm in the winter months and 9pm summer months in gets dark here in Melbourne and other eastern states.

    Differant parts of Australia are differant Queensland is very laid back parts of it are very expensive as it is a huge holiday destination especially the gold coast, NSW (Sydney) is big and fast like most capital cities, Melbourne is great for food and fashion, tasmania is relaxed and easy going (but a bit behind with the times) South Australia is relaxed and has a medium city vibe, northern territory is really really laid's the outback so lots of red dirt lol
    My advice would be to take to lots of people from different states of Australia, if you want to message me with any questions feel free I will answer them to the best of my ability or ask around to my friends and family if I don't know the answer.
    Oh I should say schools are great here, differant to the UK and Eroupe but really good : )
  7. d1kt8r

    d1kt8r Well-Known Member

    Jun 16, 2011
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    hehehe NZ had bisto gravy debbie hehehe.
    I used to live in Perth australia. and i didnt like it far to hot BUGS YUK!! i dont find the people as friendly, nice holiday destination but thats about it for me personally. goodluck with your move and your future decisions :):)
    There is always NZ lol
  8. KellyC75

    KellyC75 Mum of 4 <3

    May 3, 2010
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    hi girls ~ are any of you still posting on here??
  9. mummy to be

    mummy to be Cautiously Pregnant

    Sep 15, 2008
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    Hi there :) i am here. I live in Brisbane Australia (Although i am Australia born and breed) - if anyone has any questions i am happy to Answer what i can :)
  10. Ecologirl

    Ecologirl Well-Known Member

    Apr 13, 2012
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    I'm relocating back to Australia in 4 wks. Am Aussie born and bred, but living in UK for 2 yrs for DH's work and he's English. Am happy to answer qns or offer advice on what it's like relocating countries. It's a massive, massive thing to do, particularly with kids and/or being pregga's. How you cope and enjoy it depends on so many things. The support network you have, what you're leaving behind, the area you move to...... I had a nervous breakdown here in the UK. Seriously didn't think I'd make it through that, but thank God I'm on the other side of it now. Anyway good luck to everyone who's doing the move in either direction, but personally for me nothing in the world beats Australia, xo

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