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Sep 15, 2006
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:happydance: GO SEE THE MOVIE! :happydance:

IT ROCKS! Just got back from the movie and I can honestly say that I had a 2 and a half hour thrill! If you havent seen it you need to get your butt to the movies. It is non-stop action! Go pee before you watch the movie because you cant leave your seat!

MY New Favorite Transformer is...........Bumble Bee

Interesting story about your bumble bee. In the original cartoon he is a Volkswagen Bug as shown here....


When they went to make the movie Volkswagen would not give them rights to use there car as a character. SOOOOOO..... In the movie, during the car dealership scene you see Bumble Bee assault an old VW Bug :0)
Yep....We noticed that...... ;) So did you like the movie. I want to see it again.
Oooh I am so excited about this. Can't wait to see it, I was a huge transformers fan when I was little, we have them on dvd.
There's a range of Transformers called Classics and its all the popular characters Hasbro had wanted to release Bumblebee as a new style beetle but VW said that it wanted nothing to do with it as they didnt want there products being assoicated with guns and war (after all it was hitler who was responsible for the beetle) so this is Bumblebee in his classics form with the original 1980's toy

Since this is a transformers thread i thought i'd post this

this is the original toy version of Megatron and as you will notice it has raised a few eyebrows in its time https://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b315/k4abb14/robot_mode.jpg

this is the masterpiece very expensive version
I cant see any pictures of Megatron.
so i notice i'll sort it later when AG is sleeping and i remember the site i found the pics at
Yeah...My hubby was annoyed that Megatron was not a Gun in the movie. But How can a gun get around. I told him to piss off....It was still a great movie!
My family and I couldn't wait for this movie to come out. So, finally the day arrived and we headed to the mall. First, we saw "Live Free or Die Hard." That was awesome...way better than expected. Anyway, while waiting for Transformers to start, I got sooooo sick to my stomach. I had to go home, but my family stayed. Actually, they watched it again on Friday. Now that I've heard every single detail a hundred times, I don't even want to see it. LOL
Yeah...My hubby was annoyed that Megatron was not a Gun in the movie. But How can a gun get around. I told him to piss off....It was still a great movie!

perhaps this might explain why he wasnt a gun

The Problem with Mass-Shifting - Transformers
Mass-shifting, also called size-shifting, is when a Transformer shrinks or grows in size from one mode to the next. The most familiar example of this is Soundwave shrinking down from giant robot to human-sized boombox (along with his cassettes). Similarly, Megatron shrinks when he changes to gun mode to fit in the palm of another Transformer (as in the cartoon) or, perhaps more appropriately, into the hand of a human (as in the comic).
Now, even if I wasn't one of those Transformers fans who rabidly wants to view his giant robots in a more hardcore sci-fi light, I would still think that mass-shifting conceptually has a lot of problems with it. In short: if some Transformers can mass-shift, why can't all of them? What prevents them all from being able to shrink down to insect size, or grow to mountainous size? Once the mass-shifting genie is out of the bottle, what's stopping everyone from making a wish?
Mass-shifting, or at least the appearance of it, is actually really pervasive in Transformers. First there's the disparity in height between the Autobot minibots (Bumblebee, Huffer, etc) and their taller counterparts (Sideswipe, Sunstreaker). Even though Huffer transforms to a tractor trailer cab and Sunstreaker becomes a Lamborghini, Sunstreaker is twice as tall as Huffer in robot mode. Another common size conceit involves the height of the gestalts: in the cartoon (and occasionally though notably not always in the comic), when the gestalts formed they were gigantic, usually two or three times as big as they would be if their component parts had not grown when they combined.
I know this all stems from the different size ratios of the toys, and it's all taken with a grain of salt, a suspension of disbelief, a tongue innocently in the cheek. But the thing is, all of this mass-shifting is done to accommodate the transformation. OK, fine. But why don't they use it without mode-changing as well? Why can't Soundwave or Megatron shrink down without transforming? If someone can give me a really good answer for that, I might be satisfied. And "because it wouldn't be as cool" is not a good answer. Indeed, Soundwave and the cassettes have been shown to transform without shrinking, but never to shrink without transforming.
Really, my only other big gripe is when they make the gestalts grow two or three times as big when they form. I really hate this. For me, it steals away some of that clunky, awkward, crazy-quilt nature of several robots mashing together into one. I think I recall reading that when someone at a convention asked Pat Lee why he drew Devastator and Superion so incredibly big, he answer that he wanted them to look cool. What an asshole! Devastator is cool at 100 ft tall, he doesn't have to be fucking Godzilla-sized. (But then, I have always thought Pat Lee was a overrated egomaniac.) I liked US issue 10 when Devastator was only as tall as you would expect six combined robots to stand. I liked in UK 152-153 when Piranacon stands only a little taller than Galvatron, because Galvy had towered above the individual Seacons.
So, um, yeah. Anybody have some good thoughts on mass-shifting? I know they've announced that there won't be any mass-shifting in the forthcoming movie. I think that's probably wise. Not that they could sell a toy that changed into a boombox (archaic) or a Walther P-38 (illegal) these days
Thanks Rob....Now it all makes since :dohh: When do you get to see the movie.
Movie's not out till the 27th of July and i dont get paid till the 3rd of august so exactly a month after it opened in the U.S
Your going to love it.......
I think some of you know a bit too much about Transformers tbh...!

But I am looking forward to seeing the film when it gets here :)
been a fan for 21 years so yup i know a lot but not as much as some others

Here you go Rob...... You can Buy Bumble Bee!

and another movie prop....


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