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Sep 17, 2006
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Well at the mo me and my partner are on a low incme and it will be going down again so as I will lose my benefits even if I dont have a job. The housing assocation I dont think they are listening to me. On wednesday I recieved a letter saying I would get evicted from my house in a week if no payment I went down to my local authority and spoke to them about it they told me to pop back on thursday. I popped into the local authority yesterday and they said they would get intouch with my housing assocation. Then this morning someone from my housing association came to my house and spoke to me about it and they have told me I owe them 70 pounds from the beginiing of september so I now owe my housing assoication 70 pounds so I am feeling like shit.
Come to an agreed payment plan. I work for the council and they cannot demand the £70 off you in a lump some. You are able to agree for instance pay back £5 a month etc..

Don't feel too down hun, we have all been there (I still am but am in thousands of debt :oops: ).x
Thanks hun me and my bloke are ringing the housing assocaiton tomorrow too see if we can pay them 30 pounds a mth.
Good luck with the call tomorrow hun - As Jo says they can only take what you can afford but approaching them asking for a payment plan is step-1! :D
We had it all sorted till this morning and now we have found out we cant get any help with the rent till my jobseekers finishes on the 26th of this month. I just wish I had a job and then things would be alright.
Good Luck for tomorrow babe, I hope you get an agreement sorted.... :hugs: x

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