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    Mar 6, 2011
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    Hi All,
    My name is Sanchita n I am 26 yrs old n my DH is 29 yrs old. We have been TTC for 7 months now but no luck till date. I have been surgically operated for ovarian cyst before 6 months. Went to doc yesterday n after seeing reports she recommended IVF as there is another cyst on my left ovary n my tubes r blocked. So just wanted to ask u ladies that is the treatment very painful n the success rate in the 1 attempt Plz ladies advice as I am very scared n no one in my or DH family had to go through IVF. Just looking 4 support plz guys help me.
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    Hello sc81,

    Welcome! I have not had any treatment yet as we are waiting for an appointment to start so I'm afraid I cant help with your questions but you are in the right place and will get lots if support through here.

    Do you have any dates to start yet?

    I wish you all the best and keep us updated x x
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    Hi sC81 - As you're only 26 the chance of you getting pregnant through IVF is great. Also, women who have ivf because their tubes are blocked have the best success rate (so I've been told). I've been through one IVF and, although I'd say don't underestimate the emotional toll it can take, I don't remember being in any pain at all throughout the process. I was seriously worried because I also have a painful bladder condition and I didn't think I'd be able to take the pain. Honestly, the anticipation is worse than the actual process.
    Hope everything works out for you x
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    :hugs: Sorry you are struggling with this. I agree that age is very much on your side!! :thumbup:I was in the same boat as you 8 years ago when I started with IVF (me 26, DH 31, endometriosis, tubes blocked, one ovary) No one in either of our families had any infertility issues that we were aware of either.
    As for the treatment, back then I don't remember much pain at all, :nope:not even cramping! Some of the needle pokes hurt at times, but way less than like a flu shot so really not bad! This cycle I just had (granted I am older now) I did have a lot of soreness in lower abdomen near and following ER. But again, not bad really.
    Success rates vary depending on where you go, age and other factors. I have seen numbers around 65%. Your clinic should be able to give you some idea.
    oh, and the best part? My first try in 2002 worked and I have a 7yr old boy! You can do it! Just stay positive and as stress-free as possible! Listen to the docs, follow the direction, and let science and god do it's thing!:thumbup:

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